What we do

Investing in manufactured products with more than a checkbook

Unorthodox Ventures partners with disruptive founders who want to manufacture extraordinary products and build enduring brands. If you need an investor, we will bring the capital. If you just have an idea, we can help you bring it to life.

Led by contrarian entrepreneur and Big Ass Fans Founder Carey Smith, our team of engineers, product managers and marketers has decades of experience.

Our hands-on partnership model earned us a 2021 World Changing Idea honor by Fast Company. Every year, entrepreneurs start more than half a million companies in America. Only 200 will ever reach $100 million in revenue. Carey and his team know what it takes to make it to $300 million. Let’s build something.

Let’s Build!

Let's Build Products

Software and services may be in vogue, but we like manufacturing products. High-quality products create true hurdles for competitors because you can’t just upload a patch. From high-tech medical devices to healthy snacks, our partners’ products are defined by performance, dependability and style.

Let's Build Brands

Carey’s name is on plenty of patents, but he would trade all of them for strong brands, which are difficult to build and easy to lose. Building a brand takes time, dedication and hard work, always focusing on what’s best long-term for customers. Do it right, and you’ll create a lifetime emotional connection with them.

Let's Build Markets

If you’re starting a business in a crowded market, move on. High-growth companies seek blue oceans, or new markets where competition is scarce or non-existent. Creating a market where none existed is how you change the world. We like founders with the vision to go where no one else has tread.

Partner with us

Partner with us and we’ll…

Deliver exceptional products

Build unforgettable brands

Invent and revolutionize markets