15 / 02 / 2022

Muse-Ick to Our Ears (Or Branding Agency Bingo)

In the fluffy 2000 comedy What Women Want, actor Mel Gibson plays an advertising executive who suffers a severe electric shock that somehow leaves him with the ability to read women’s minds. Too bad more branding agencies don’t have a similar gift with the men and women they seek to represent. Instead, they pull out mood boards, talk about muses and DNA, and resort to long interviews and extensive, not to mention expensive, revisions in an attempt to capture a company’s essence — its DNA, you might say, if you worked for a branding agency.

Carey Smith | Founding Contrarian

At Unorthodox Ventures, we’ve experienced our share of branding agency mood boards, and they’ve never failed to put us in a worse mood. Our eyes have glazed over while viewing glossy decks, and our patience has been tried by creative directors who insist on telling us, and companies we work with, that they — the agency — know us better than we know ourselves. But because of all that, we’ve learned to instantly recognize the buzzwords that every agency uses when they have nothing to say other than, “That will be $100,000.”

That prompted us to create a new version of our ever-popular “Buzzword Bingo.” Print it out, and the next time your company receives a pitch from a branding agency, see just how quickly you hear the following and can shout BINGO!

Print your Bingo card here