13 / 04 / 2020

The Pitch Is in the Air, and It’s CBD Infused (or How to Play VC Bingo)

Carey Smith | Founding Contrarian

The mildly subversive corporate-meeting game Buzzword Bingo has been around for years. Legend has it starting in Silicon Valley in the early 1990s, where the first versions featured the now-almost-quaint proactive, as well as At Stanford, we … because if you didn’t tell people you went there, how the hell were they going to know?!

Fortunately, Buzzword Bingo is ever changing as new terms gain mindshare, and that’s especially true for the subclass known as VC Bingo. A few years back, a Forbes article listed the jargon every entrepreneur needed to master to secure funding, words like bleeding edge, burn rate and disruptive technology. Who are they kidding?

Being contrary by nature, I decided to craft my own 2020 VC Bingo card of buzzwords best avoided if you hope to gain a favorable term sheet with those of us who care more about the long-term potential for your business than a polished presentation. Included are some oldies but still goodies: Unicorn, SaaS and Shark Tank, as well as some newer arrivals like #woke and CBD Infused. I admit, I’m partial to I don’t actually own my company, but it’s just too hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so …so … buzzy!

VC Bingo