Afia Founder Farrah Moussallati Sibai focuses her Middle Eastern food company on supporting refugees, a priority that grew out of her family’s own challenging journey. Her mother-in-law spent two years as a refugee of the Syrian civil war before the United States issued her a visa to join the family in Austin. She brought with her the family recipe book and what started out as a farmers’ market booth was quickly selected for the exclusive Chobani Incubator program.

Afia also won the 2018 edition of the prestigious H-E-B Quest for Texas Best contest, leading to the family’s line of frozen falafel and kibbeh appearing on grocery shelves across Texas. Afia continues to support the family’s heritage by employing several Syrian refugees, and Farrah’s mother-in-law tastes every batch of the plant-based, gluten-free delicacies to ensure they meet her exacting standards.

“Unorthodox Ventures brings such expertise in building brands and has really helped us understand how we stand out among so many food companies. They’re so supportive of our efforts to develop more healthy alternatives for families that crave the taste and nutrition of home-cooked food but simply lack the time.”
-Farrah Moussallati Sibai

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