Anina meal with zucchini and couscous

Complexity constantly confounds cooking. Perhaps you lack the time? Or you can’t find the quality ingredients needed for a nutritious dinner? Anina is on a mission to simplify healthy eating with a unique eating experience and sustainable consumption. The culinary design company developed an innovative technology that creates ready-to-cook capsules that lock in food’s nutrients and freshness, creating a healthy and tasty meal that is shelf-stable for up to a year. Just add water and microwave for a delicious, ready-to-eat entrée in mere minutes. Veritable culinary works of art, Anina’s wide range of dishes feature regional flavors from around the globe, including wild rice maqluba; date, tomato and mushroom pasta; Pad Thai; and burghul and black lentil vegetable stew. The company reduces the staggering problem of food waste by using fruits and vegetables with slight appearance imperfections that would prevent them from being sold at grocery stores but taste as good or better.

“Our passion to create new culinary experiences is rooted in purpose with our use of ugly produce to cut down on food waste. With our innovative technology, culinary expertise and imaginative design prowess, we transform those fruits and vegetables into edible works of art. In Unorthodox Ventures, we found a partner that not only excels at the complexity of manufacturing but appreciates and emphasizes high design.”
-Anat Natan, Co-founder & CEO

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