Zippsafe’s smart soft storage locker technology replaces yesteryear’s rigid metal locker designs with flexible, textile lockerbags that offer incredible space savings for companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and retail. Zippsafe customers achieve up to three times more locker capacity, save up to 70% of floor space (equating to thousands of square feet) and free up additional space by centralizing locker rooms.

Using Zippsafe lockers is simple. People hang their clothes on retractable hangers inside zippered bags. Two large interior compartments allow fresh laundry and street clothes to be stored hygienically separated. Bags and other accessories, such as motorcycle helmets, can also be placed inside these flexible compartments. The Zippsafe bag is then closed with a zipper and securely locked using RFID technology unique to the user, eliminating theft. To separate them from clothing for both convenience and hygiene, shoes are stored in a compartment under a bench with space for two pairs of shoes or one pair of boots.

A built-in ventilation system with an active carbon filter prevents odors and even enhances the drying of damp clothing being stored. This minimizes humidity and reduces the risk of contamination and the transmission of pathogens.

Zippsafe also makes locker management easy for companies with its Zippsafe Locker Management System that proves easy authorization and live monitoring. Cleaning is also simple for maintenance staff, as all Zippsafe products are able to be laundered or wiped down with wet cloths.

“Unorthodox Ventures understands both the complexity and importance of manufactured products and has a team with decades of experience expanding in international markets — perfect for our goal of expanding into the United States. Even before investing with us, Unorthodox Ventures offered us space at trade shows, developed sales leads for us and made great introductions. The company’s hands-on approach is unique, and we look forward to growing hand-in-hand with its experienced staff.”
-Carlo Loderer, Co-Founder and CEO 

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